Colleagues throw retirement party in Stratford for long-serving doctor

Doctor Sudha Parashar with friends and colleagues

Doctor Sudha Parashar with friends and colleagues - Credit: Archant

Colleagues and patients threw a celebration for Dr Sudha Parashar to mark her retirement from West Ham Lane Health Centre after more than three decades.

Doctor Sudha Parashar

Doctor Sudha Parashar - Credit: Archant

The 65-year-old spent nearly 35 years working in the child development service, which supports Newham’s disabled children until their last school years.

Dr Parashar said Friday’s milestone celebration, which saw some of her young patients turn up to mark the occasion, was “a good day and very overwhelming”.

She added: “It was really nice to hear the nice words people have to say that you don’t hear when you’re working, so that was great.

“It has been a lovely journey for me because I have learnt so much working in Newham as there is such a mixture of people.

“I just have so much empathy for the children I have worked with they have given me a lot and I have taken a lot from them along the way.”

Dr Parashar said she is now looking forward to having some time to herself but thinks she’ll miss the work.

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“Nearly 40 years of working, it’s going to be different not being there, I don’t know what I’m going to feel like without it.

“That said, I’m happy and relaxed that I now have some free time. I’m planning on going on a long holiday and it will also be nice to pick up on old hobbies – I used to paint and maybe I’ll even work a day or two.”

Speaking about her best memories over the years, she said: “My best thing has been working with children with disabilities and there families to help in anyway that I can.

“I have enjoyed every minute of it and it’s been very rewarding helping others.”