Coalition pledge to bridge funding gap in Newham schools

Central Government brought some good news for schools in Newham last month, addressing a long-standing funding gap.

For decades, schools in the borough have been financed as outer London boroughs while teachers have been paid at an inner London rate.

Education Secretary Michael Gove pledged in this year’s Budget to level out the funding which means schools are set for more cash.

Mr Gove’s Written Ministerial Statement said: “I am also taking steps in advance of introducing a national funding formula to address a clear anomaly in the current funding system where a small number of authorities receive funding at a level that does not reflect the mandatory pay levels for teachers in their schools.

“The local authorities affected are Haringey, Barking and Dagenham and Newham.”

John Plant, Chair of Finance Committee at Forest Gate Community School, said “This is very welcome news. Newham schools have been underfunded for decades because of this anomaly - or injustice as some of us have been calling it.

“Our teachers cost the same as in inner London, but we have been funded as if they cost the same as in outer London.

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“Now that our case has finally been recognised we will make sure the additional money is focused where it will do most good for our students, and help our big drive to be an outstanding school.”