Co-founder Community Links Kevin Jenkins questions the Olympic legacy


- Credit: Archant

The recent revelation that over 50 per cent of Newham children are still living in poverty is not only extremely disappointing it is just not acceptable.

We must ask, what has gone wrong and why. Ever since the announcement that the 2012 Olympics would be coming to Stratford the Newham area has experienced unprecedented investment. regeneration and growth. It will continue to do so over the next 10-15 years with 30,000 new jobs and 50,000 new homes anticipated.

The key objective shared by all decision makers. Key stakeholders and the wider community was to bring real positive and sustainable change that underpinned an improved quality of life for all future generations of local people.

This is not the case currently for over 50pc of Newham children. The stark reality is that the change and investment Newham has experienced has not reached so many Newhamfamilies. If the situation is allowed to continue, not only will the ultimate Olympic legacy never be fulfilled that is a real risk that Newham will become an increasingly divided area of those who have and those who have not.

An immediate root and branch review of what has happened and why is required involving all key stakeholders ie decisions makers, developers, businesses, institutions and community representatives.

If change is to be achieved then all stakeholders must come the table with a clean slate, be prepared to change and willing to review all current policies, practice and behaviour that has prevented a change that everyone signed up to - being achieved for over 50pc of the families and children they serve.

I urge the London legacy development corporation to call everyone together now to bring this change if everyone is to achieve gold in Newham. More from Kevin