Co-founder and life president Community Links Kevin Jenkins urges everyone to register to vote


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It is a sure sign that the general election is just around the corner, when you cannot switch on the television or pick up the newspaper without reference to the fast approaching election on Thursday, May 7.

First, I would urge everyone who is entitled to vote, to ensure that they are registered to do so. You have until April 20 to register to enable you to vote in the general election.

To register you can use the government’s register to vote website – It takes just five minutes to register.

Second, I would urge you to use your vote. Whatever the outcome, there will be many resultant consequences, for Newham as there will be nationally. Ultimately, the volume and quality of the services provided by the council and National Health Service locally will be determined at a national level by the new government.

Given the difficulty in ever getting a straight answer to your questions from politicians of all parties, it can be difficult to make judgements on how their preferred policies will affect what we experience here in Newham.

The austerity of the past five years and the need to complete the job during the life of the new parliament means that national decisions will continue to affect the ultimate volume and quality of local service more than ever before.

It is vitally important, therefore, for all Newham’s electors to consider the services Newham needs and what you would want to be able to access and use over the next five years, then cast your vote accordingly.

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