Wandering Ginger Tom given claret and blue collar after crossing Thames to West Ham

Parmo the cat

Parmo was missing for three weeks, but was eventually reunited with his family thanks to staff at the British Transport Police station in West Ham. - Credit: BTP

A wandering cat which showed up at a West Ham police station after crossing the Thames is to get a claret and blue collar after being reunited with its family.

Parmo had been missing from home for three weeks before he presented himself at the door of the British Transport Police station in Alan Hocken Way.

At first officers shooed him away, hoping the persistent puss would go home, but he was not giving up so eventually they let him in.

After coaxing a reluctant Parmo into the back of a police van, officers took him to Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Canning Town in a bid to get him home.

It was only then that they discovered how far he had roamed.

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A quick check of his identity chip revealed Parmo had travelled all the way from Lewisham. His relieved family were called and came to collect the fortunate feline.

Sgt Terry Page, who discovered Parmo, said: "We have no idea how he got from Lewisham to West Ham or why he had such an attraction to the police station."

thank you card

Parmo's owner, Serge, aged five, sent a card to thank staff for reuniting him with his pet. - Credit: BTP

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A week later, station staff received a card and thank you letter from the family of Parmo's five-year-old owner.

It said: "Our boy Serge is very happy to have him back. We have asked him about how he crossed the river, but he is keeping it to himself for now. Greenwich foot tunnel? The Woolwich ferry? Or the cable car perhaps".

And in a cheeky footnote, the writer added: "We will be buying him a claret and blue collar. He is clearly a Hammers fan".


The family plan to buy Parmo a claret and blue collar after his trek to West Ham. - Credit: BTP

Ch Supt Martin Fry from the station - who is a West Ham United fan too - said: "It was a nice, simple piece of good police work, helped by modern technology. It was really sweet of the little lad to write to us."

Sgt Page added: "Officers are very proud. It was nice to get a thank you and see how a small action had an impact on a young child."

As to how Parmo crossed the Thames, the mystery has certainly made officers paws for thought.

One line of enquiry is the kitty could have sneaked onto a DLR train or perhaps padded across a bridge.

Or he could have secretly hitched a ride, sneaking onto a vehicle which was then driven across the river.

"We have no idea how he actually crossed. It's a bit of a bizarre one," Sgt Page said.

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