Carpenters Estate residents set for meeting with Olympic legacy chief

A key ally of Boris Johnson is set to meet Carpenters Estate residents over the future of the Stratford site.

Daniel Moylan, chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation, has accepted an invitation from Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans (CARP).

Leaders of the group are at odds with Newham Council and Mayor Sir Robin Wales, over the handling of plans to transform the estate.

The University College London (UCL) is set to present its proposals to replace the housing with a new campus to council officers in October.

The LLDC will assume responsibility for the site from October as part of its Olympic legacy brief.

Joe Alexander, vice-chairman of CARP, said they planned - during the meeting on September 14 -to reiterate their opposition to being forced off the site to make way for the campus.

He said: “What gives me confidence is that he responded promptly. We are being acknowledged.

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“If the meeting results in any ideas we will take them away as a group and discuss them.

“The first thing we are going to tell him is that our preference is to stay, but if not we would like the community to be involved in this regeneration.”

Former Tory councillor Mr Moylan was appointed chairman of the LLDC board by the London Mayor in June after three years at Transport for London.

Sir Robin Wales is also a member of the board.

Mr Alexander said residents were hoping to raise the option of moving together to a place similar to the planned Chobham Farm scheme in Stratford.

The first phase of construction on around 1,000 homes is due to start early next year.

Mr Alexander added: “We would like to move as a community and not be picked off one by one like what is happening now.

“Our mayor will not come down, he is reviled here.”

Meanwhile, it is alleged the BBC had to increase security at its Olympics broadcasting base at Lund Point after a number of incidents.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a security guard was subjected to a ‘razor-blade assault’.