Canning Town shop fails to overturn booze sale ban

A Canning Town convenience store has failed to overturn a decision to ban it from selling alcohol.

Nisa Today, in Barking Road, had its premises licence removed by Newham Council’s licensing sub-committee last September after staff sold booze after its permitted hours.

Proprietor Ali Cicek appealed the decision at Thames Magistrates’ Court in Bow, on the basis that modifying the conditions of the licence would have been sufficient.

But District Judge Alison Rose dismissed the appeal.

She said: “I cannot conclude that the decision was wrong.

“I do not consider the licensing objective of preventing crime and disorder could be adequately achieved by a short suspension of the licence or the imposition of further conditions.”

The sub-committee hearing heard that, on June 15 2011, trading standards officers seized so much counterfeit alcohol that a lorry was required to take it away.

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The batch included 47 bottles of counterfeit Jacob’s Creek wine, 59 70cl bottles of spirits, one one litre bottle of spirits and 860 75cl bottles of duty evaded wine.

Mr Cicek said it had been purchased by the previous manager. He subsequently sacked him and put his son. Mehmet, in charge.

Since then, he said no illegal alcohol had been sold by the shop but was told at the hearing by Cllr Ian Corbett that he was responsible for all purchases as the premises licence holder.

The court also heard of two earlier incidents involving the sale of alcohol outside of permitted hours. The previous licence holder pleaded guilty at Stratford Magistrates’ Court to the offence.

Officers also raised concerns that there were no records of staff having been trained in the proper sale of alcohol.

Cllr Corbett said: “We are pleased the court has backed our decision. Crime and antisocial behaviour in any form is totally unacceptable.

“Our job is to ensure shopkeepers who sell illegal alcohol and play hard and fast with the law are brought to book.

“They are ripping off the taxpayer too by evading duty they must pay by law on wine and spirits.”