Protester scales crane in Canning Town

crane protest

A protester unfurls a banner from on top of a crane in Canning Town. - Credit: Seema Jaharna

A man has scaled a crane in a protest over fathers rights and Black Lives Matter.

The protester unfurled a banner from the crane on a building site in Hallsville Road, Canning Town, earlier today (March 31).

It reads: "Black lives matter just as much as whites. Dads lives matter just as much as mums. Enough is enough."

Seema Jaharn was on her way to Morrisons with her sister when she spotted the protest.

"I was afraid he would fall. He's very high up. I was shocked how he managed to get up there. Somehow he managed to get up there without anyone stopping him," the 20-year-old health and social care student said.

Footage online shows the protester dressed in black at one point, lying on top of concrete weights suspended from one end of the crane.

Police were called at 07:23am. Officers remain at the scene. London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service have been alerted.

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A Met spokesperson said: "Our priority is the man’s safety and officers are making attempts to speak to him.

"As yet, he has not engaged with any of the agencies on the ground."

Work has been ordered to stop at the building site. There is no risk to the wider public, police said.

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