Canning Town Church revives old tradition

River Church in Canning Town revived an age old tradition on Good Friday with a procession along Barking Road led by senior minister Roger Grassham carrying a large wooden cross.

“I wanted to remind people of the real message of Easter - Christians believe in life after death and that life is in God through Jesus for all who will receive him, that’s why we have the Cross,” said Roger.

Along the way the public were invited to write out their prayers and attach them onto the Cross. “People were really wanting to give us prayers to be said – it showed there is a real need,” added Roger.

The minister shared the duties with Dave Gill, Associate pastor in the church.

The church also ran a stall in Rathbone market selling cakes and buns made by church members and by the children of Abrahams Care Childcare Service which it runs at River Christian Centre, Vincent Street. Children visiting the stall were given free Frisbees and other goodies to take home.