Canning Town accountant giving UK doctors overseas jobs

Sara Sabin (left) and Dr Aneyna Jones (right) launch their medical recruitment business.

Sara Sabin (left) and Dr Aneyna Jones (right) launch their medical recruitment business. - Credit: Archant

A globe-trotting accountant from Canning Town is helping British doctors land exotic work placements through the launch of her new business.

Sara Sarbin, 31, of, Lowe Avenue co-founded Medic Footprints in February, a doctor-led recruitment service for UK GPs looking to work overseas.

Together with her old school friend and business partner Abeyna Jones - a doctor with experience in South Africa, Guatemala, Jamaica and Zambia - the pair have engineered moves to Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

With the current, and well-documented, shortage of British doctors, it might seem a controversial notion to help clinicians leave the NHS, but Sara insists her company will in fact help the UK industry. “We’re helping to facilitate a move for doctors that have already made up their mind to move abroad anyway,” she added.

“The majority will move back to the UK and return with a new skill-set, so there’s an argument to be made for the process benefitting the NHS in the long-term.

“There seems to be a much better work and family-life balance down under, plus the weather’s obviously a key factor.

“A number of doctors have told us they’re fed up of the NHS and feeling under-appreciated, so it’s an easy decision for them.”

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Raised in north London, Sara had planned to enter the legal profession after studying law and french at King’s College London, but was put off by the cost of the bar exams.

A born traveller, she went on to teach English voluntarily at schools in Venezuela, where she noticed the importance of foreign doctors to the local community.

Although Medic Footprints is still in its infancy, Sara has believes her company will be a well-established brand name in five years

“We want to be a one stop shop for doctors considering alternative careers,” she explained. “For us, it is about building relationships and we want a rapport with each of our clients.

“In 10 years time, we see offices abroad, either through organic growth or mergers.

“If the opportunity arose to live and work in Australia, and it would be beneficial for the business, I certainly wouldn’t say no to a move myself.”

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