Can you give special cat Prince a home?

Rescued cat needs some TLC

Healthy and happy and on the road to recovery. That’s Prince the cat - victim of a hit a run accident.

Quick-thinking by the RSPCA and two community support officers has saved Prince’s life a few weeks ago after accident in East Ham.

Now a new home needs to be found for the lovely little pale tabby and white cat, who was run over in High Street North, East Ham.

Lorna Gowers from the London East RSPCA branch was driving along the road when she saw the cat bring up blood and being cared for by two community support officers.

There was not much time to act. Prince was havung trouble breathing, and it was touch and go that he survived.

He was put on oxygen and it was touch and go but now, Prince, who had has a broken jaw wired together and is no on the road to recovery.

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Prince is in foster care with Lorna.

She said: “Prince is still with me, no owner came forward which is very disappointing. He is a lovely friendly cat who likes to be with people. He is being fostered in my spare room and he ‘let’s me know’ he wants his breakfast the second I get up in the morning and he cries a little when I go to bed at night.

“I am now looking for a new home for him.”

Anyone interest in adopting can call 07958 578151 after 7pm.

Prince is due to have his final vaccination next week, and hopefully the wire in his jaw can be removed a week later.

Added Lorna: “I always feel sad when cats go but also delighted when we find those special people suitable and willing to offer a new home. This cat could not have been saved without the involvment of several very kind people. The community support officers, a volunteer, fosterers, the people in the London East Branch who raise money to pay the vets bills etc; people who donate money to the RSPCA, some vets and nurses who work extra hard to help animals who have no owner to care for them. A big thank you also the the Newham Recorder for publishing the work we do.”

Our pleasure.