Campaign picnic on Wanstead Flats against Olympic police base

A campaign group gathered on Wanstead Flats on Sunday on the spot where a police base will soon be built.

The Save Wanstead Flats group failed in their bid to prevent the Met Police building the temporary base which will house officers during the Olympic Games.

But spokesman Kevin Blowe said the group still wanted to demonstrate that the area is important to local people with a picnic party.

He said: “It was an opportunity for all the people involved in the campaign to come.

“We weren’t able to stop the setting up of the police base but we’ll be continuing to monitor the impact of what happens over the summer.

“And we’re seeing whether we want to come back once this is all over and do a similar type of event to see what the damage is.”

Around 60 people shared food and enjoyed games and kite-flying during the day.

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The building of the base can start from June 23 on the fairground area of the Flats, which will return to its normal use after the Paralympic Games.