Call for tougher action after Covid-19 rule breakers cause misery in Plaistow

group flouting lockdown restrictions in plaistow

Neighbours have called for more action to be taken against people flouting lockdown restrictions in their street. - Credit: Supplied

Neighbours are demanding tougher action over Covid-19 rule-breakers who have been causing them misery.

They say groups of up to 10 men are meeting in Whitwell Road, Plaistow, playing loud music, drinking alcohol, peeing in the street, littering and intimidating those who complain.

man flouting lockdown restrictions in plaistow

A man is caught on camera peeing outside people's homes. - Credit: Supplied

Tracey Donovan said: "They've got no respect for anyone. We have continuously phoned the police. Councillors have been involved. But nothing ever happens.

"It's a pandemic. They're not supposed to be outside in groups. They're not wearing masks. Nothing ever gets done."

group flouting lockdown restrictions in plaistow

Neighbours say they have been plagued by anti-social behaviour for seven years. - Credit: Supplied

Tracey described being sworn at when she challenged one group and said the problem has been going on for about seven years.

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The 56-year-old added there were few problems in the neighbourhood when the Foresters Arms was open with punters showing neighbours more respect.

"We've just had enough," she said.

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An 85-year-old neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "If you say anything they curse you. They don't care what time of night it is. It's not right. It's driving me crazy."

group flouting lockdown restrictions in plaistow

A group gathers in Whitwell Road where neighbours say they are desperate for action from the police and council. - Credit: Supplied

A 60-year-old neighbour added: "The whole area is sick and tired of it."

Insp Malcolm Gillespie said: “I want to offer clear reassurance that we are taking action about the issues residents are facing."

Altered shift patterns to coincide with when the behaviour is likely to take place; active patrols and moving people on are among the actions police say they are taking.

Officers have also written to the registered owners of cars linked to the problem and spoken to shopkeepers in the area who sell alcohol.

The Met is working with the council to make sure people selling alcohol have a licence and investigating if any shops are contributing to this behaviour.

“Residents can be assured we are taking action," Insp Gillespie said.

A council spokesperson said: “We welcome feedback from our residents and we will work with the police to commit additional resources to tackle the issues that have been raised. Safety remains an absolute priority.”

Under current lockdown restrictions, people cannot be outside their homes except for reasons allowed by law. These include going out to get food, visiting people in a support bubble or picking up medication.

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