Cabbies strike again in Stratford reducing traffic to a crawl

Black cab drivers brought the one-way system in Stratford to a standstill again last week when they staged a second protest about work availability during the Olympics.

Their campaign has grown since their last blockade on February 9 when a group of around 50 drivers gathered on Station Street in anger over rank closures and temporary relocations.

The group, composed mainly of yellow badge drivers, say transport union the RMT have shown them support and numbers at the demonstration on Wednesday had grown to approximately 200.

The stand affected rush hour traffic which slowed to a crawl in the town centre around 6pm.

The group say that “no meaningful consideration was given to the impact (the Olympics) might have on customer service and the drivers’ work availability” and the location of the new ranks are inconvenient and invite illegal minicab pick ups.

Helen Chapman, deputy director for London Taxi and Private Hire, said: “Any demonstration only results in disrupting the travelling public, including potential taxi passengers, and the threat of a demonstration was completely unnecessary, particularly given that we had already committed to meeting with these drivers to listen to their concerns.”