'Hi-tech AI' butcher's shop opening in Stratford

The front of Tariq Halal Meats butcher store in Stratford Shopping Centre

Tariq Halal Meats will open a hi-tech butcher shop across two floors in Stratford Shopping Centre on October 13. - Credit: Tariq Halal

A “next-generation” butcher's store using AI technology is opening in Stratford.

Tariq Halal Meats will launch what it claims is the UK’s largest butcher's in an indoor mall - with two floors spread across 3900 sq. ft - at the Stratford Shopping Centre on Wednesday, October 13.

The leading Halal butcher brand says its data-driven AI technology will provide customers with a tailored shopping experience.

Inside the new Tariq Halal Meats in Stratford Shopping Centre.

Inside the new Tariq Halal Meats in Stratford Shopping Centre. - Credit: Tariq Halal

Tariq Halal partner Shukur Ali said: “We’ve invested £250,000 in importing cutting-edge equipment from tech-savvy countries like Japan, Taiwan and China in order to provide an unparalleled shopping experience.” 

The new store will do away with waiting in queues by replacing barcode-scanning with "touch technology" and e-shelf labelling. 

Hi-tech scales, terminals, self-serve kiosks and click-and-collect services will allow customers the time to shop at their own leisure, Tariq Halal said.

Shukur said: “This data-driven AI store will be utilising the latest technology to help win back the trust of our regular supermarket meat shoppers."

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