Kitchens from independent chefs coming to Beckton in Raymond Blanc-supported project

StreetCube kitchen

A StreetCube kitchen. - Credit: StreetCube

Gazebo kitchens run by independent chefs are to open in Beckton as part of a sustainable street gastronomy project.

StreetCube, launched with help from famous French chef Raymond Blanc in 2019, gives independent chefs an opportunity to operate their own sustainable food businesses.

It encourages chefs to focus on reducing food waste, increasing the use of local, organic and seasonal ingredients, eliminating plastic and providing nutritious food at affordable prices.

One of StreetCube's solar-powered, sustainable street kitchens.

A solar-powered, sustainable street kitchen. - Credit: StreetCube

StreetCube founder Pascal Gerrard said: “We found that most families are not given much of a chance to choose better or healthier food for their kids in our city centres, high streets and retail spaces.

“Most towns and shopping spaces are rammed full of fast-food outlets who primarily only focus on profit and growth, for shareholders and investors - this is what the ‘chain’ model is all about.

“To break this, we need to empower young chefs and encourage them to develop their own sustainable food styles, but the main problem being that nobody can afford to set up in our busy towns and cities.

“That’s where StreetCube comes in. We feel that in order to change the food system, we have to empower and rely on independent chefs to ‘start again’, with a new focus on public and planetary health.”

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StreetCube is expanding with an installation at Gallions Reach Shopping Park.

The installation will begin with five colourful, semi-permanent gazebo kitchens in the main piazza space.

Chefs will be arriving in August, with cube kitchens expected to appear some time in 2022.

StreetCube will be open daily from 8am to 8pm.

“StreetCube offers an altogether different approach,” Mr Gerrard added. 

“For one thing, we’re not a chain; all StreetCube chefs are independent owners, who depend on serving the highest quality in order to ensure their customers return.

“Secondly, we empower independent chefs to champion sustainable food - we believe that customers get a much better service from a chef and owner who is passionate about his cuisine, and has public and planetary health at the forefront of his business.” 

Visit for more information and to apply to become a StreetCube chef.