Raymond Blanc-supported sustainable food project set to open in Beckton

Five food stalls in bright colours

StreetCube vendors will serve their food from brightly coloured stalls in Gallions Reach Shopping Park. - Credit: StreetCube

A “sustainable street gastronomy concept” started with help from French master chef Raymond Blanc launches in Beckton this weekend.

StreetCube, which officially opens at Gallions Reach Shopping Park on Friday, November 12, is a net-zero food initiative combining world cuisine with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Independent vendors will serve their food from brightly coloured stalls at the heart of the shopping centre.

Founder Pascal Gerrard said: “Local communities deserve better access to good food choices which are healthier, and sustainable and affordable to everyone.

“This means organic food, which is sourced locally and is seasonal, but still tasty and appealing, giving visitors a preferred choice over traditional fast-food junk-chain outlets.

“We believe our approach to food service is instrumental in the change needed to support a halt in climate change.”

StreetCube provides backing to independent chefs to operate their own sustainable food businesses.

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Vendors are “empowered” to focus their efforts on reducing their carbon footprint, improving public health and championing sustainable food options.

They are also encouraged to incorporate plant-based options into their cuisine specialism, to eliminate plastic and achieve a zero-to-landfill waste solution.

Mr Gerrard has previously said that StreetCube aims to "break" the chain model, which focuses on profit and growth.

He said: "We need to empower young chefs and encourage them to develop their own sustainable food styles - the main problem being that nobody can afford to set up in our busy towns and cities.

“We feel that in order to change the food system, we have to empower and rely on independent chefs to ‘start again’, with a new focus on public and planetary health.”

Shopping centre manager Andy Pay said: “We’re delighted to welcome StreetCube to Gallions Reach.

“This unique street dining concept offers a fresh, climate-conscious alternative to all other food and beverage options, which we are confident will prove popular with the millions of customers who visit throughout the year.”

Visitors have a chance to win a week’s worth of free StreetCube food. To enter, go to www.gallions-reach.co.uk/gallions-shopper-club and sign up.