Have pests invaded your workplace? 5 ways to ensure your office remains a pest-free zone

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Keeping your desk tidy and throwing away rubbish at the end of every day can help provide a rat or mice infestation in your office - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

To create a productive, pleasant working environment, it’s important to keep on top of your pest control.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to create a healthy and safe workplace that your staff will feel comfortable in, and where successful business can take place.

To help make sure that’s the case, Daniel Neves, a pest control expert from Inoculand Pest Control Services in Central London shares five simple tricks you can use to keep your office clear of pesky bugs and rodents.

1. Maintain high cleaning standards

How to prevent a pest infestation in your London office from Inoculand Pest Control Services

Establishing an effective cleaning routine or hiring a professional cleaning company can help prevent pest infestations in your office. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“It may sound like common sense, but it’s important to have an established and effective cleaning routine,” Daniel says. “Make sure your staff understand office protocols and it’s advisable to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure your workplace is in mint condition.”

Food needs to be properly sealed to avoid attracting mice or rats, bins should be emptied daily, and carpets should be regularly treated and vacuumed to prevent bed bugs and moths.

2. Keep your storage rooms tidy

Storage rooms or cupboards that are filled with cardboard boxes, food and water supplies are havens for a variety of insects and rodents.

“You may not think it, but offices are just as likely to be invaded by cockroaches, rats, mice and ants as any restaurant or pub,” Daniel explains. “Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check every nook and cranny of your office for signs of an infestation so you can deal with the problem right away.”

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Look out for signs of droppings, gnawed cables and chewed boxes. You should also regularly check behind furniture to make sure no pests are present.

Pests can contaminate the workplace, spread disease, damage property and be harmful to your company’s reputation. Failing to deal with a pest problem quickly could cause you to be fined, go to court or temporary closure of your premises while you deal with the problem, potentially affecting your business and profits. This is why it’s essential to establish a good building maintenance routine.

3. Check the building’s structural integrity

How to remove a mice infestation from an office from Inoculand Pest Control in Central London

Mice and rats can damage office equipment, chewing through wires and gnawing on chairs and soft fabrics. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“I recommend contacting a professional pest control agency to perform a survey of your office, identify any weakness in the building’s structure and investigate potential pest entry points,” Daniel says.

Pests can easily enter your office through small gaps or cracks in the wall, through gaps between pipes and unsealed sewer systems.

“We can identify these problems and quickly begin pest-proofing your workplace, to fill in these gaps and prevent pests from being able to enter the office,” Daniel adds.

Local businesses should also work together to help protect their premises. If you notice an infestation, raise the alarm and let your neighbours know. 

4. Set up an ongoing pest control contract

“One of the best ways to protect your business is to hire a professional pest control firm and establish an ongoing contract,” Daniel says. “This ensures you’ll have regular site visits from expert technicians who will check for signs of a pest infestation and install all proper protections.”

Using the same pest control company will enable them to get to know all areas of your office, and save you time, money and stress having to research new companies and book regular visits.

5. If you think you have an infestation, contact pest control right away

Office health and safety advice from Inoculand Pest Control Services in London

It's a company's responsibility to ensure they provide a safe working environment for employees, that meets all health and regulation standards. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“It’s best to contact a professional pest control agency as soon as possible. Our pest control experts will come and survey your office, recommend the most effective treatment for your business and provide you with a free quote,” Daniel says.

They will use their heat treatment service to treat all carpets, furnishings and surfaces, ensuring no pests are missed, and the infestation is completely removed. They can also use baiting and carry out pest-proofing to protect your office against all manner of pests.

“We’ll also identify the source of your infestation and take measures to prevent future infestations from occurring,” Daniel explains. “We can make managing your pest control problem simple, quick and stress-free.”

Inoculand has provided professional pest control services to residential and commercial properties throughout London for over 10 years. They are experts in removing all types of pests and servicing offices, helping you keep your offices a pest-free zone and pleasant place to be.

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