Burst water main gushes for over a week in Stratford

Residents were outraged when a burst water main in Stratford was allowed to gush water for over a week.

The leak was caused by a third party during construction works on Monday (April 26) at the junction of Leytonstone Road and Chobham Road.

Following the announcement of a water shortage and hosepipe ban by Thames Water, the leak was left to flow freely for a week and a half, halting the use of a bus stop nearby.

Nine days later, Stratford resident and Newham Coucil employee Paul Lark wrote to the Recorder: “I have seen people from Thames Water there just looking at it, then off they go.

“I think it’s a disgrace that it’s been left for this long - especially with the news coverage this is receiving at the moment.

“You can understand people thinking why should they worry when they see something like that.”

Thames Water explained that, after a leak is reported, a lot of work needs to be carried out before they make repairs such as checking to see what other utilities such as gas mains and phone lines might be buried near the pipe, and arranging for permission from the local authority to set up traffic management while work is carried out.

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A spokesman for Thames Water said: “In this case the water to some properties may need to be shut off while we make repairs.

“We’re looking at ways we might avoid this, but if the water does have to be turned off we have an obligation to ensure the customers who would be affected are given ample notice.

“We are very sorry at the length of time it has taken to begin repairs, and understand that it can be frustrating for customers to see that water going to waste.

“But we must follow these procedures to avoid causing a bigger problem and make sure that we keep any inconvenience the repairs may cause to an absolute minimum.”