Bring & Fix brings community spirit to Stratford

Stratford residents found a particularly novel way of tightening the purse strings at a unique community event.

A Bring & Fix fair was held for the first time at the Rokeby Community Centre, in Rokeby Street for people to share their skills and possibly learn new ones to repair old possessions.

The free event, run by NUSHO in partnership with Newham charity Community Links, was designed to be intergenerational so that the old could show the young a few things and vice versa, providiing the ideal occasion for strengthening community ties.

People shared their knowledge and skills to help each other fix things, seek and provide advice, and come up with solutions to mend broken objects, building community spirit along the way.

Fun of the more traditional variety was also had on a bouncy castle while adults took part in some salsa dancing and attended the barbeque in the blazing sun.

Many people left the event with printed photos, gardening tips, knitting ideas, hair braiding techniques, IT tips, vegetable people making, hanging basket tips, massage and relaxation, guitar entertainment, samosas and cupcakes.

The raffle was extremely popular and many prizes were won. We’d like to therefore thank all our Organisational timebank sponsors listed below for their generous donations:

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The organisers would like to thank their sponsors for contributing to the raffle - Body Shop, Caribbean Scene, Greggs, McDonalds, Morrisons, Newham Council, North East London and City, Peacocks, Pitman, Pizza Express, Starbucks, Stratford Market Traders, Stratford Picture House, Theatre Royal Stratford and Tiger.