Brick 2015: See gigantic Lego models from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

A young boy is covered in red Lego bricks at last year's Brick exhibition

A young boy is covered in red Lego bricks at last year's Brick exhibition - Credit: Archant

Visit the UK’s biggest Lego show where you can discover your “inner child” and create your own grand designs.

Discover the big kid inside you at Brick 2015

Discover the big kid inside you at Brick 2015 - Credit: Archant

They’re the original building blocks of architects and builders as well as the preferred toy of big kids everywhere.

Now Lego can even help you encounter some of the world’s greatest cities without having to book a costly air ticket there.

Visitors to Brick 2015, the UK’s biggest Lego show which opened today at the ExCel, will be able to see an incredible Lego-built skyline of Chicago.

They’ll also get to stand by a 2.5m high Eiffel tower and iconic London landmarks the Shard and Palace of Westminster inside the show’s popular fan zone.

“People do not think you can do that with Lego,” says Warren Elsmore, the show’s founder and professional Lego builder.

The self-confessed AFL (that’s an adult fan of Lego to you and me) says the show will bring some Hollywood to the East End with characters and vehicles from Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

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“Last time someone built a weeping angel from Doctor Who,” he adds. “It’s where you can see what is really possible with Lego bricks.”

There will even be some festive fun with a Lego snowman, just in time for Christmas.

Last year’s sell-out event attracted 47,000 people. Warren puts this down to its appeal to everyone from hardcore fans to families.

“Brick 2015 has the right mixture of areas in which you can just play with Lego but also the amazing fan zone where you can see what is really possible with Lego bricks,” he says.

With various brick pits housing a total of three million bricks – one million more than last year – there are lots of chances to get hands on.

Older fans can turn back time by sourcing rare and vintage Lego pieces or by visiting the Lego Museum. Those who want to get active will find movie and dance zones throughout the show.

Visitors even have the opportunity to become a record breaker, according to Warren.

“Guinness World Records will be on site and inviting visitors to break one of their Lego-related records. Anyone can do this, so you might just come home with a Guiness World Record!

“In addition, we’ll have some huge builds at the show, which we’re inviting people to help us with – to hopefully beat a record as a team. We set the record for the largest Minecraft diorama last year, which we’re hoping to break again this year.

Asked what makes Lego such a big hit, Warrens says: “As much as people say they don’t like Lego, put some blocks in front of them and they will play with them.

“It is the perfect opportunity to rekindle your childhood.”

And some advice from first-timers? “Try and get hold of your inner child and get your hands on some blocks.” Off to the brick pits to put your creative mind to work on something new then.

Brick 2015 runs from today to Sunday 13 December at ExCel, Newham. Tickets cost £23.75, children under three go free. Under 16-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult. Visit for more information.