BREAKING NEWS: First picture of woman who tried to kill MP

THIS is the moment Roshonara Choudhry tried to kill East Ham MP Stephen Timms by stabbing him in the stomach with a kitchen knife.

Roshonara Choudhry, 21, of Central Park Road, East Ham, was found guilty of attemped murder this morning.

She attacked the popular MP during one of his surgeries at Beckton Globe on May 14 this year.

Choudhry had turned up at the surgery asking to see the former Treasury minister.

When the woman in front of her in the queue had finished, she moved around a desk towards Mr Timms who thought she was coming to greet him and he put his hand out accordingly.

Choudhry held out her left hand. In her right she was holding a kitchen knife with an approximate three-inch blade, that had been hidden inside her bag or clothing.

In front of horrified visitors, she plunged the blade into the MP twice before assistant Andrew Bazeley disarmed the student.

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Mr Timms was taken to the Royal London Hospital and had surgery on two small lacerations to part of his liver and a small perforation of his stomach. His injuries were significant, but not immediately life threatening.

When interviewed by police, Choudhry said she stabbed Mr Timms because he voted for the Iraq war and she wanted to achieve ‘punishment’ and ‘to get revenge for the people of Iraq’.

She had shown no remorse during her trial, refusing to defend herself or even recognise the court at the Old Bailey where she was tried.

A jury took just 14 minutes to find her guilty and she faces years in jail when sentenced tomorrow.

The Met Police’s deputy assistant commissioner Stuart Osborne said: “Stephen Timms was carrying out his constituency duties as a democratically elected Member of Parliament. He was extremely fortunate not to have been killed. Mr Timms, like all MPs, are entitled to fulfil their role without fear of violence. There can never be any justification for anyone carrying out such an attack.”