Brainy kids get ‘brilliant’ award at Forest Gate school

Pupils from Forest Gate Community School Brilliant Club have been given an award Picture: Ellie Hos

Pupils from Forest Gate Community School Brilliant Club have been given an award Picture: Ellie Hoskins - Credit: Archant

School children are celebrating after graduating from an academic programme to help bright pupils get into top universities.

Youngsters at The Brilliant Club at Forest Gate Community School attended an award ceremony after passing a six week university style teaching programme.

The Year 9s studied Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth for an English literature course, while the Year 7s studied the Ebola virus for Biology.

Both groups were tutored by former pupils now studying for PHDs.

Head teacher Simon Elliott said: “We are hugely ambitious for our pupils. It is very important for the school that our exceptionally gifted pupils are challenged and fulfilled by their work.

“The Brilliant Club, along with our scholarship programme, ensure that the young people that attend Forest Gate are given the same opportunities as those who have been privately educated.”

Graduate Harvey Saunders, 12, from Plaistow, got a First in the course, the highest mark.

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He said: “The Brilliant Club is fantastic. It may happen that in some classes I don’t feel challenged enough.

“But at the Brilliant Club I know I am being pushed and I am being very well tutored.”

Year 9, Zarvesha Rasool, 13, Forest Gate, also got a First.

She said: “Since doing this course my confidence in my own ability has really gone up.

“The school run a scholarship programme that help you win a place at the top sixth form schools.

“I am going to apply for that and then I am going to try to get in to Oxford or Cambridge, hopefully.”

The Year 7s were tutored by former pupil, Amina Yonis, who took time out from studying for her PHD in Biology at University College London to help inspire the youngsters to follow in her footsteps.

She said: “I am so pleased for all the pupils that have graduated from this programme.

“I know it is the school’s aim to get more and more pupils into top universities.

“This is the perfect preparation for applying for the top red brick universities.”