Big debate: Same-sex weddings

Gay couples in England and Wales will be able to marry this year.

Gay couples in England and Wales will be able to marry this year. - Credit: Archant

Same-sex couples in England and Wales will be able to marry legally for the first time from next Saturday.

Ray Bulloch

Ray Bulloch - Credit: Archant

But as one of the most radical changes to Britain’s matrimonal laws ever made, the passing of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act has proved divisive. Ray Bulloch, director of London’s only openly gay building firm, R & G LGBT Builders, shares his views in favour of the reform, while Sid Cordle, leader of Christian People’s Alliance argues against him.

Sid Cordle

Sid Cordle - Credit: Archant

Ray Bulloch, director of R & G LGBT Builders, based in Newham

Equal marriage means just what it says on the tin, it is not about wanting any special treatment but it is about having the same respect for the relationship and commitment you have with another human being.

There is an argument you have to “protect” marriage, but same sex couples do not want to destroy it but be part of it and celebrate it. It is important for same sex couples to show their love is equal to that of heterosexual couples and that we are equal and not some lesser part of the community to be shunned and abused just because of whom we love.

One more argument that is used is redefining marriage, but if you look back to Henry the Eighth who set up his own religion in order to redefine marriage so if it is good enough for the King of England!

During the recent past there has been a big shift in attitudes towards LGBT people with positive images on TV and in other media sources, there have been a number of high profile celebrities, sports personalities and politicians that have opened up to being LGBT and hopefully in the future there will be no need for people to “come out” as we will all be treated as equal and not having to make what some call “ a song and dance about it” or “ the gay agenda”.

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The world has moved on and we need to move with it.

When countries around the world introduced equal marriage their societies did not crumble or fall apart, just like that will not happen here. All that will happen are two people, in love, saying I do and wanting to spend their lives together.

It is not about special treatment nor is it about the gay is about equality and love.

Sid Cordle, leader of Christian People’s Alliance

We believe that the primary purpose of marriage is to provide a safe environment for the bringing up of children.

We believe children need a father and mother and preferably their natural parents.

Numerous studies have shown that children that grow up with natural parents are less likely to take drugs or be involved in crime and are generally much more likely themselves to form stable relationships.

Two men and two women cannot bring children into the world and as far as we are concerned it is inappropriate for them to be married.

The issue of faithfulness is extremely important. There are studies that show that homosexuals, generally speaking, that are in long term relationships are not particularly faithful to each other.

There is also the issue of sexually transmitted diseases. There is something in nature which I believe is how God has created us, but if you actually behave the way God intended us to behave then the consequences are universally good.

Jesus said quite clearly that marriage is meant to be between a man and a women who are faithful, and that’s the perfect relationship. That’s the biblical basis for marriage.

We should be seeking legislation that seeks the best possible situation.

What same-sex marriage is doing is removing one of the pillars of society – marriage. Its undermining that pillar.

What we should be doing as a society is looking a ways of strengthening the idea of marriage for the sake of the children.

We should be legislation for the best possible situation. And the best possible situation is that a man married to a woman is faithful to her, and in that environment of faithfulness children are brought into the world.

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