Best buddies need a home

These five-week-old kittens are looking for a good home after being dumped along with their mother in a box on a Plaistow street.

The three cats were picked up three weeks ago by an RSPCA inspector and taken to a local vet.

The mother, who is only nine months old, looked malnourished, but is now putting on weight and is due to be sterilised ahead of finding her a new home.

Ideally, East London RSPCA would like to house the friendly moggie with her two �kittens, but understand that three cats can be too much for most people.

The little ones, however, should be homed together, said the RSPCA’s Lorna Gower, as they have become great buddies.

Please call 07958 578 151 �in the evenings if you would like to offer a home to the feline family or to find out more about becoming a �fosterer for the East London RSPCA.