Beckton woman now rebuilding her life as an amputee

Georgina Antwi (Right) with Jodie Georgiou (Left)

Georgina Antwi (Right) with Jodie Georgiou (Left) - Credit: Archant

Social care manager Georgina Antwi was working so hard that the 44-year-old forgot about her own health.

Georgina, from Beckton, said: “I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2000 but I didn’t take it seriously.

“I was working very hard with my care agency, wasn’t eating regular meals, didn’t take my insulin, and carried on drinking fizzy drinks.

“I started coughing a lot and found a blister on my foot, which was septic, but I didn’t go to the GP at the time.”

She ended up in hospital in April, and was told her diabetes was out of control. She stayed in hospital for 13 weeks.

“They tried hard to save my foot but the lower leg had to be amputated,” says Georgina.

She now visits the Amputee Rehabilitation Unit in Kennington, which helps people become confident using a prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs.

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“The staff at the rehabilitation unit are really motivating and encouraging, and talk to me about what I want to get back to doing, like going on a bus by myself.

“We concentrate on what I need to do to achieve this and we do lots of things like conditioning and stretching exercises.

“I feel like I’ve got personal trainers.”