Beckton vets warn pet owners about dangers of festive food

Vets are warning pet owners to take special care of their furry friends over the Christmas period.

With the festive season now in full swing, the traditional food and drink comes out and many people want to include their pets in the celebrations.

Vets at Companion Care Beckton are urging owners to exercise care in what they feed their pets.

Lorenzo Carta, head vet at the practice, said: “We want pet owners to make sure they are not giving them food to endanger their health as there are foods that are toxic to animals and could potentially kill them.”

Foods and household products that are especially poisonous to animals include:

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Items poisonous to dogs are: Mistletoe, holly and almonds. Onions, grapes and dark chocolate are especially toxic and must not be given to your dog. Turkey bones, wrapping paper and children’s toys can cause foreign bodies and best to avoid having near your dog.

Items poisonous to cats are: Poinsettia plants are especially toxic to cats, Tinsel and again children’s toys and wrapping paper can all cause foreign bodies and best to avoid cats going near them, Lilies and antifreeze are highly and your cat should avoid at all costs.

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If you think your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have, or for any advice contact Companion Care Beckton on 0208 507 3904 or find your nearest emergency vet.

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