Beckton Triangle businesses hit after petrol station leak

BUSINESSES on the Beckton Triangle Retail part were forced to close after fire and police officers were called to deal with the leak of a delivery pipe of at a petrol station.

The pipe at the Sainsbury’s Savacentre petrol station ruptured during a delivery this morning.

London Fire Brigade said they were called at just before 8am to the station off Claps Gate Lane, Beckton.

A Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) pipeline had leaked.

Firefighters immediately called in police and set up a 200 metre exclusion zone around the station.

Around 40 members of the public, including motorists and workers on their way to nearby stores, were evacuated from the area.

Special London Fire Brigade and Police Response Teams have been sento to the area.

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Both London Fire Brigade and Scotland Yard said they expected the petrol station and stories, including Sainsburys and B&Q, Comet, Boots, Pets At Home, Pc World and McDonalds to be closed for the rest of the day. But shortly after 1.30pm, fire crews wearing breathing apparatus managed to stop the leak in the two 2,000 litre tanks and a specialist engineer confirmed they had been sealed.

Businesses are hoping to re-open shortly.

******** Official travel bulletin: Claps Gate Lane closed due to LPG leak at A1020 Royal Docks Road / Eric Clarke Lane. At Claps Gate Lane petrol station. Bus 262 stops short at Gallions Reach; Route 325 diverts via Eric Clarke Lane, stopping at the Showcase Cinema; and bus 363 is running via Royal Docks Road.