Beckton store will help pet owners tackle obesity

Staff at Pets at Home in Beckton want pet owners to exercise portion control in a campaign to highlight the importance of the right diet.

With 41 per cent of cats and 35 per cent of dogs overweight or obese in the UK, the team at the Beckton store is calling for owners to visit them for a consultation.

Suzanne Simpson, Store Manager said: “Pets, in the same way as humans, can suffer from serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis as a result of a poor diet. But unlike humans, pets can’t do

anything about it and rely on their owners to manage their diet for them.

“Obesity is just one of the issues which can be addressed at a nutrition consultation. For example, one of the biggest problems we see at our nutrition consultations is a lack of awareness when it comes to choosing food. A pet’s nutritional requirements change as it gets older so it’s important to know that you’re feeding the right food for its life stage.”

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