Beckton residents forced to clean up tipped rubbish

Left to right: Magnus Joseph, Guentels Enders and Michael Potts clean up rubbish

Left to right: Magnus Joseph, Guentels Enders and Michael Potts clean up rubbish - Credit: Archant

Residents have been forced to clean up other people’s rubbish after constant fly-tipping outside their homes.

Emmanuel Obasi, 45, rallied his neighbours in Goose Square, Beckton, to tackle heaps of rubbish left in a car park.

Mr Obasi, who works with the local TNT courier, said the rubbish has become an “eyesore” and attracted foxes and rodents.

He said: “We started noticing unusual faces around here leaving their tyres and bringing in some weird registration numbers.

“It just kept happening and bit by bit they threw rubbish in the road and litter all over the place. Now they are even dumping mattresses.”

Eight households chipped in to raise money for a van to transport the rubbish to a dump.

Mr Obasi said: “I thought it would take just a few hours but it took us all day.

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“Now everyone comes and says ‘wow’. It’s not finished yet but I think it’s much cleaner.”

Residents say their landlord has not done enough to address the problem.

Mr Obasi said: “The car park needed to be maintained but no-one wants to contribute to that.

“It has now become a dumping ground for refuse, instead of people using bins provided by the council.

“There are foxes and rodents – it’s a health hazard.”

Mr Obasi has also set up a Neighbourhood Watch which is meeting for the first time next month.

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