Beckton rapper inspires youth with new single

Newham rapper Segge Dan overcame homelessness to release his new single ‘Born 2 Fly’ and now champions disadvantaged young people.

The Beckton artist, real name Segs Fayase, has thrown himself into the Olympics by recording a motivational track aimed at helping young people to achieve with lyrics such as “Ain’t nobody gonna clip my wings to hold me down/I’ll rise on high ‘cause I was born 2 fly”.

In addition to performing twice as the entertainment at Newham Live in Stratford Park, Segs also finished playing his part as a volunteer in the Closing Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium.

A former Langdon School pupil, Segs believes the message of his hip hop/acoustic fusion track was derives from his work teaching disadvantaged young people in literacy workshops at Focus E15 in Stratford and from his experience of being homeless for nine months.

But Segs has come bouncing back to sit on the committee of two charities, including the African Development Association for Progress (ADAP) and even completing a 21-mile bikeathon to raise money for causes close to his heart.

‘Born 2 Fly’ is free to download from