Beckton park gets TLC from volunteers

A group of volunteers got their feet wet as they gave Cundy Park some TLC at the weekend to clear a pond and help make it attractive for people.

The group of 14 volunteers, including a child, were taking part in the first of a series of events organised by London’s leading waterway charity Thames21 to regenerate Cundy Park and Beckton District Park.

Volunteers, community groups and local schools will take part in a range of activities to improve these spaces for people and wildlife.

Project coordinator Rita Serra said she was very pleased at the number of people who took part. They cleared the pond of duckweed, cut back excessiev vegetation and also cleared a path around it, making it safer for local people.

She is hoping there will be additional sessions held at Cundy Park. She said: “These parks are valuable community assets, and we are so pleased to be help improve and maintain them for people and wildlife,” she said.

“The events are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, and are a great chance to learn more about your local area, meet people and make a practical contribution to the environment. Come along and lend a hand!”

Activities at Cundy Park will include removing litter, building a ‘mini beast hotel’ to attract and sustain native bugs and beetles, and managing vegetation to improve wildlife growth and improve accessibility.

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The project will also see Beckton District Park North benefit from physical improvements to the lake and surrounding areas, with a focus on engaging young people in volunteering.