Beckton line dancers showing skills on the small screen

Tom Bush, 70, and his son Stewart, 31, are starring in a line dancing programme on Sky TV

Tom Bush, 70, and his son Stewart, 31, are starring in a line dancing programme on Sky TV - Credit: Archant

If your idea of line dancing is twirling around to Achy Breaky Heart or 5, 6, 7, 8 after a drink or two, then think again.

Tom Bush and his son Stewart are starring in Live, Laugh, Linedance, showing that there’s more to the art these days than cowboy hats and boots.

“We do still do traditional dances, but we do modern stuff as well,” said Tom, 70.

“There’s a dance to Pitbull we’ve learnt recently.”

Tom and Stewart, 31, took up dancing 15 years ago when a class was launched at the Chandos Centre in Stratford.

Their love for dancing saw them attend the RUSSC club in Romford when their own one wasn’t running for a couple of weeks, and it was there that they found out about the show.

“It was luck, really,” said Tom, who lives in Selby Close, Beckton.

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“We’ve filmed seven shows already, and we’re filming another seven in January.”

He explained that all the shows are filmed on the same afternoon, with shirt changes in between to give the impression of it being on different days.

He said: “It’s not so bad for the men, but the women often wear different dresses, so they take a while getting ready.”

Each show features five dances selected from seven filmed routines, plus a chat with people in the line dancing world.

“The last filming we just turned up, but this time they’ve given us a list beforehand,” said Tom.

“There are 49 dances to learn, and we’ve mastered about 28 of them, which isn’t bad.”

Tom and Stewart plan to keep dancing for the foreseeable future, especially as it has health benefits.

“It keeps you physically fit but also mentally fit as you have to remember the routines,” Tom explained.

To watch Tom and Stewart on Live, Laugh, Linedance, tune into Sky 192 on Saturdays at 3pm or visit