Balloon from Newham Show flies 310 miles into Germany

German family find balloon from Newham Show in their garden

German family find balloon from Newham Show in their garden - Credit: Archant

A family in Germany had a taste of the borough’s 50th birthday celebrations after finding a balloon from the Mayor’s Newham Show in their back garden.

The Meissner family, who live in the town of Eitorf, 25 miles from Cologne, found the white “50 years of Newham” balloon, on Wednesday last week.

The balloon had travelled more than 500 kilometres (310 miles) as the crow flies across the North Sea before landing in the surprised family’s back yard.

Daniel Meissner, 34, who contacted the Recorder, said: “We had never heard of Newham before. When we found the balloon, we guessed it was from somewhere in England but we did not know from where.

“We were surprised when we found the balloon and decided to go onto the Internet to find out more information.

“I Googled the words and that is when we read about the Newham Show and the big event during the weekend.”

Daniel explained that he was not sure whether it was intended for somebody to find the balloon.

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He said: “We didn’t find any message on it and we weren’t sure whether it was a postcard balloon or whether it was only for decoration but it seemed that the balloon made it more than 500 kilometres over the North Sea so the message was really spread through Europe.”

He added: “In Germany, we have those kind of festivals where people release balloons with messages.

“Just a few weeks ago we were at a festival where they did that but this is the first time I have found a balloon in my garden from a foreign country.”

The family live in a wooded area of Eitorf and explained this was one of the reasons why they were surprised to have found the balloon in their garden.

Daniel said: “It is quite unusual that the balloon decided to land at our home rather than anywhere else in the area.

“There would have been a better chance to find it elsewhere in the woods.”

Another balloon was also found in a meadow in Lichtenfels, a town in northern Bavaria, on July 12.

Thousands turned out to celebrate the Newham Mayor’s Show, which also marked the borough’s 50th anniversary, at East Ham Central Park on July 11 and 12.

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