Audience take over in interactive Stratford show

We This Way heads to Stratford Circus

We This Way heads to Stratford Circus - Credit: Seth Kriebel

Have you ever been to a show where you have wanted to add your own twist to the production?

Well guests are being given an opportunity to offer their own ideas to an adventurous show coming to Stratford Circus Arts Centre this week.

We This Way is an interactive production led by storyteller and game-master Seth Kriebel.

The audience will be asked to choose their own paths to journey through an adventurous scenario where no two stories will turn out the same.

Seth explained that although he sets the scene, it is the audience that will have “complete control” in the end.

He said: “In We This Way, I set the scene and the audience votes on what to do next. I then carry on the story in the direction they decide, until there is another fork in the road and another choice.”

Seth added: “The audience are in complete control of which way the story goes, but the interactivity is very gentle. No one is put on the spot… it’s majority-rules voting.”

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With so many different ideas on the table, We This Way promises to be different each time it is performed.

The show is part of a trilogy of interactive performances, with The Unbuilt Room and A House Repeated.

The production has also already proved to be a hit at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Storyteller Seth said: “I have been making interactive work for several years, usually for quite small audiences. The same basic ideas are at work in We This Way.

“As this show uses voting, it gently explores some of the friction we find in a democracy… How does it feel when your vote seems to count less because you don’t live in a marginal constituency? What if you don’t want either choice on the ballot?

“Essentially, it’s about who sets out the choices and who makes the decisions… all wrapped up in some imaginative storytelling and exploration. It’s supposed to be fun!”

Seth added that he is looking forward to coming to Stratford Circus having already performed The Unbuilt Room there in 2011.

He said: “Stratford Circus was so welcoming and helpful during that experience that I’ve been looking forward to coming back ever since.”

The show is suitable for anyone aged 14 and over. It starts at 7.45pm on Thursday. Visit for more information.