Arrests and car seizures in Newham after police crackdown

Police on patrol in Newham seized 63 vehicles and made several arrests in a further recent crackdown on uninsured drivers.

Officers were joined by the Met’s Safer Transport Command unit to use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to identify those breaking the law.

The arrests were made during the operation on February 2 for failing to stop and for immigration offences.

Newham Safer Neighbourhoods Chief Insp Guy Wade said the operations would continue every week.

The penalty for driving a car without insurance is six penalty points and a �200 fines and can lead to a driving ban.

He said: “The ANPR operation, together with officers questioning drivers, has revealed some are giving false details to reduce an insurance quote.

“This subsequently invalidates their insurance, resulting in their vehicles being seized and penalty points added to their driving licences.

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“Driving a vehicle without all the valid legal documents is not worth the risk, you could find yourself with a large fine and have your vehicle seized.”

The latest action came after four motorists were arrested and 14 cars were seized during the first phase of Operation Cubo in January.

A total of 1,500 officers from across London took part in the crackdown - which ran from February 1 to 3. The total number of cars seized currently stands at 2,384, with 387 arrests across London.