Arrests after police clampdown on uninsured Newham motorists

Four motorists were arrested after police targeted uninsured drivers in Newham.

Two were detained on suspicion of cannabis, one for driving with excess alcohol, while another was held on suspicion of immigration offences.

In total, 14 cars were seized by officers in the borough during Operation Cubo. They were supported by the Met’s Traffic, Territorial Support Group and Safer Transport Command units.

They used automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to identify rogue vehicles, during the day of action on January 12.

Newham Safer Neighbourhoods Chief Inspector Guy Wade said: “This latest Operation Cubo is part of the continuing war against uninsured drivers in Newham and represents a drive to improving safety on our roads.

“The community will have noticed officers engaged in roadside automatic number plate recognition operations.

“In fact, we have several a week carried out by Safer Neighbourhood teams and the motor vehicle crime squad.

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“The message is clear, drive legally or risk large fines and a vehicle impounded.”

According to the Met Police, uninsured drivers are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, five times more likely to be involved in collisions and less likely to have vehicles in a road-worthy condition.

The penalty for driving a car without insurance is six penalty points and a �200 fine and can lead to a driving ban.

Last year, across the capital, officers seized 34,000 vehicles and prosecuted thousands of people.