Apt mistake on Stratford road sign

A shopper thinks that heavy congestion in Stratford may have led to the area being labelled a ‘pedestrain zone’ rather than a ‘pedestrian zone’.

Retired John Golding, originally from Forest Gate but currently living in Wanstead, was shopping in Stratford last week when he noticed the mis-spelt road sign next to Stratford Circus in Theatre Square.

John said: “It’s been there a couple of months at least and it was only when I saw that bus stop mistake in the paper did I think of sending it in and I started looking out for them after that.”

He said that he enjoys taking pictures of similar errors because they make him laugh and he is thinking about making a scrapbook to hand down to his grandchildren.

John added: “It amuses me. I don’t know why but whenever I’m reading anything I always spot when they’ve done something wrong. It’s a good bit of humour, isn’t it?”