Amazon parrot found in East Ham

Mickey the parrot who was discovered in East Ham.

Mickey the parrot who was discovered in East Ham. - Credit: Archant

This Amazon parrot was a surprise guest for a family barbecue on Sunday when it arrived at the window of a woman’s house.

Hatty Oliver was preparing for a barbecue at her home near East Ham station when she found the 15-inch bird tapping on her window.

“It turned up on our window ledge,” she said. “I was walking past and I heard it tapping.

“I was excited because I have a two-year-old daughter who could come and look at it.”

Hatty called Birdline UK Parrot Rescue and tried to lure the parrot inside with some water.

Jon Taylor, 59, who volunteers part-time with Birdline, arrived on the scene and took the bird back to his home in New Cross Gate.

He said: “It was a bit worse for wear and there’s no telling how long it had been out so it’s very tired and hungry.”

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The parrot, whose name is Mickey, was returned to its owners on Friday 16 after a stroke of luck.

Hatty said: “I went for a walk on Forest Gate High Street and there was a notice that said, ‘Have you seen this parrot?’”

She called the number and arranged with Jon for the parrot to be taken to its owners.

Harsukh Jilka of Manor Park said the bird flew out an open back door, and that he and his son Rakesh, 27, were relieved to have their family parrot returned to them.

Hatty, who is a lecturer in cultural studies at the London College of Fashion, said: “I’m pleased it’s okay.

“It looked a bit tired so I really wanted it to be rescued and looked after.”

Jon, who is disabled and has worked with Birdline for three years, said: “Many birds are never found or reunited with their owners, so I’m pleased this case had a happy ending.”