Almost 160 penalty notices issued for front garden waste in Newham

Front garden waste in Newham.

Front garden waste in Newham. - Credit: Archant

Newham Council has issued nearly 160 penalty notices to borough residents in a bid to stop people dumping rubbish in their front gardens.

The local authority targeted garden litterbugs over the past 11 months to crack down on “unsightly” waste, which is attracting mice and rats.

Cllr Desai Unmesh said: “It lowers the tone of the whole street. We’re saying to the people who litter their gardens, ‘This isn’t acceptable and we won’t stand for it’, and will keep fining people until they remove it.

“We are targeting the bad apples and doing this for the whole community.

“Crime and antisocial behaviour in Newham is totally unacceptable. We have a zero tolerance approach to it and will not stand for it in any shape or form.”

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