Artist creates pieces based on eco-issues important to Newham's youth

Newham Youth Climate Assembly 2021

One of the illustrations inspired by the Newham Youth Climate Assembly sessions. - Credit: Ada Jusic

An artist has created a series of illustrations inspired by the environmental issues Newham's young people are passionate about.

Following Newham Council’s virtual Youth Climate Assembly earlier this year, Ada Jusic has designed a series of pieces to capture the participants' views on waste and recycling, wild and green spaces, transport, cycle lanes and air pollution - the topics they chose to discuss.

Over four sessions, the members spoke about litter and harmful non-decomposing plastics, polluting traffic and prioritising profit above all else.

They also decided small steps needed to be taken to make Newham’s climate change goals achievable, with help for the disempowered and education around the world's eco-system.

The idea of making pollution a criminal offence and incentivising green leaders was also discussed, as well as using buyers' power to only support companies which are fair to animals and the environment.  

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Ada's interpretative pieces will form a basis for a mural designed and painted by young people to highlight the changes they want to see over the coming year.

One young person at the assembly, who was not named, said: "If only there was a button to stop pollution. Perhaps it exists and the button represents the tens of thousands of young voices, that is, more than a quarter of Newham’s population.

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"By hearing Newham’s young people at Newham Council’s Youth Climate Assembly, we have a better chance in understanding how they imagine a better environment, a better Newham for their future."

Over the years, Newham Council’s Youth Assemblies have been designed to support and encourage young people to be the drivers of social change on topics that are important to them.

The work of the Youth Climate Assembly is being highlighted as part of Newham's Year of the Young Person in 2021. 

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