Action to save fish

Oxygen pumped into lake to save fish

Walkers and anglers reported the deaths of hundreds of fish in the lake in Beckton District Park late last week.

Contractors employed by Newham Council pumped oxygen into the lake during the weekend to save the remaining fish.

A spokesman for the council said: “This type of incident is a naturally occurring problem caused by loss of oxygen due to algae dying off. Many fish were coming to the surface for oxygen.

“We mobilised contractors to re-oxygenate water...following expert advice from the Environment Agency with whom we are continuing to liaise. We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

Walkers said the water in the lake had turned orange and was bubbling.

Eileen Benmore was among those who saw the state of the water while walking her dog. She said she was sad for the residents of a nearby sheltered housing complex who could not go for their regular walks.