Acting Newham Borough Commander Ian Larnder asks, “Do you want to be a Special Constable?”


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Have you ever thought about becoming a Metropolitan Special Constable (MSC) in Newham?

Pc Malcolm Forest, Newham’s MSC manager started his career in the Met as a Special Constable.

For the past five years he has managed Newham’s MSC team.

During the ­Olympics there were 230 MSC officers in Newham and this figure is now 150.

Throughout his career he has trained around 500 MSC officers, many of whom have gone on successfully to ­become Pcs.

Recently, eight MSC officers and Pc Forest assisted in the search for a hydroponic drugs factory.

Prior to this, Newham officers and the Met’s Air Support Unit were involved in the search for a burglar. During this search, the Air Support Unit identified what they believed to be a drugs factory located nearby.

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Acknowledging the time and resources needed to act on this information; Pc Forest sought out the property and used legislative powers to force entry.

Once inside, the officers uncovered a fully functional cannabis factory with street value of £140,000.

This rapid response clearly disrupted organised crime and reduced the circulation of drugs on the borough.

MSC officers are primarily encouraged to work with Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT). They also police local events, such as West Ham matches and patrol Westfield Shopping Centre. Chief Inspector Guy Wade, from Newham police said: “I am particularly pleased with the work of Newham’s MSC.

“They readily respond to calls to help out with borough operations. The volunteers respond in numbers, and led by Pc Forest, they take on a role of high visibility “flash” patrols.

“They arrive on a scene, give reassurance and crime prevention advice, before moving on to the next location. Of note is the team’s “can-do” attitude, this especially paid off whilst they dealt with the cannabis factory and arresting a burglar direct, in the same area.”

For information on how to become a Special Constable

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