A-level results: From an E to top grades for Newham students

Daniel Akinleye celebrates his dramatic turnaround

Daniel Akinleye celebrates his dramatic turnaround - Credit: Archant

A student who failed A-level maths and had to commute to the borough from South London to get another chance is celebrating after getting an A* in the subject.

Mohammed Juned Uddin was pleased with his grades at Chobham Academy

Mohammed Juned Uddin was pleased with his grades at Chobham Academy - Credit: Archant

Daniel Akinleye, 19, from London Bridge, said he turned his academic life around at Newham Sixth Form College by going from an E to top marks.

“I actually can’t believe it – I can’t believe this has happened,” he said.

“When I failed last year, I had to ask around colleges to see if they would let me in, and all of them said it was too late.

“But this college gave me that chance, and now it’s paid off.”

Daniel, who also got Bs in philosophy and business, has been accepted by Leicester and Loughborough universities to study maths, a subject he feels extremely passionate about.

“I just love numbers.

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“If someone had told me last year I would be studying maths at university, I would have laughed in their face – I was convinced I’d ruined my chances.

“But I just worked my socks off, and now I feel like I showed everyone what I can do.”

Another student who has seen an enormous leap in his grades was Mohammed Juned Uddin.

“I went from an E to a B,” said the Chobham Academy student.

“I had a couple of teachers that didn’t expect much from me, but I decided I was going to work hard.

“It shows you should never write anyone off, especially a student who wants to achieve.”

The 18-year-old studied hard for his four A-levels, getting B grades in sociology, psychology and religious studies as well as an A in business studies.

He now plans to study primary education at the University of Cumbria’s London campus.

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