30,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses to imitate Christ at ExCeL convention

Visitors at the Jehovah's Witness event held at the Excel centre last year

Visitors at the Jehovah's Witness event held at the Excel centre last year - Credit: Archant

Jehovah’s Witnesses expect 30,000 people to descend on “Imitate Jesus” conventions at the ExCeL.

The weekend events in July and August follow a 15,000-strong convention last year.

Organiser and Witness Ray Trundley said 2014’s success convinced him to return to the borough.

“The Excel is convenient, accessible and last year’s event was very successful,” he said. “We have two events this year and about 15,000 coming to each from about 100 congregations.

“There are 150,000 of us in this country and London is the hub of everything and where the majority of us live.”

Ray hopes to help people emulate the ways of Jesus, who he describes as one of the most significant men in human history.

“The ‘Imitate Jesus’ conventions will examine Jesus’ life as outlined in the Bible and emphasise how all can benefit in practical ways from his example and teachings,” he said. “We’re trying to highlight the impact Jesus has had on mankind.

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“Even though the Bible’s an ancient book it’s still applicable.”

The first event, which will be held on July 24, 25 and 26, will start the weekend with a keynote address on the first day at 11.45am entitled Concealed in Him are all the Treasures of Wisdom.

Over the weekend, theatre based on the story of Jesus will feature alongside drama highlighting family problems and using the Bible to help.

A similar event will take place from July 31-August 2.

A promotional campaign starting on July 3 resulted in 218 congregations distributing leaflets inviting people to the conventions.

And at the free events, 12 foreign language groups will be able to hear the program in their mother tongues.

Ray says this is part of a worldwide campaign to spread love.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses are engaged in a preaching campaign worldwide,” he said. “The principle we operate is showing love to one another we want to engage in world of different cultures and live together in peace and harmony.”

More details at http://bit.ly/1oA5CA1