Here are the full results for the Stratford and Bow constituency.

Uma Kumaran was elected as MP for Stratford and Bow, with a 44.1 per cent share of the vote.

Ms Kumaran won the seat for Labour - by a huge 11,634 votes - in her first time standing for the Stratford and Bow seat.

The Green Party also made significant gains in the constituency, coming in second with 7,511 votes.

Uma Kumaran said on X that it was the "honour of my life" to be elected as the MP for Stratford and Bow.

She said: "Thank you to all who placed your trust in me and in the Labour party.

"I’ll always be your voice and your representative.

"I wont let you down."

The new MP has had a busy day already - going straight from the election count to see her parents and then onto a Bloomberg panel to talk about the change she's hoping to bring.

Stratford and Bow had a turnout of 54 per cent - more than 10 per cent lower than for the 2019 general election.

You can read back our live updates from election night in east London here.

Full general election 2024 results for the Stratford and Bow constituency:

Turnout: 54%

Uma Kumaran - Labour - 19,145

Joe Hudson-Small - Green - 7,511

Halima Khan - Workers Party of Britain - 3,274

Kane Blackwell - Conservative - 3,114

Nizam Ali - Independent - 2,380

Jeff Evans - Reform UK - 2,093

Janey Little - Liberal Democrat - 1,926

Omar Faruk - Independent - 1,826

Fiona Lali - Independent - 1,791

Steve Hedley - Independent - 375