Here are the full results for the East Ham constituency.

Stephen Timms was re-elected as MP for East Ham, with a 51.6 per cent share of the vote.

Mr Timms held the seat for Labour - by a huge 12,863 votes - in his seventh time standing for election in the east London seat.

Independent candidate Tahir Mirza also made significant gains in the East Ham constituency, coming in second with 6,707 votes.

On election day, Sir Stephen Timms said: "I've just been reflecting on the fact that it's 30 years ago this year that I was first elected MP for this area.

"And over all of those years, I can only think of a couple of times when we've had the chance to kick out a Conservative government.

"Today we've got that chance again, and to set the country on a new course."

East Ham had a very low turnout of 48 per cent - more than 18 per cent lower than for the 2019 general election.

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Full general election results for the East Ham constituency:

Turnout: 48%

Stephen Timms - Labour - 19,570

Tahir Mirza - Independent - 6,707

Rosie Pearce - Green - 4,226

Maria Higson - Conservative - 3,876

Daniel Oxley - Reform UK - 1,340

Hillary Briffa - Liberal Democrat - 1,210

Anand Sundar - Independent - 578

Sathish Ramadoss - Independent - 385