Heading out for your normal daily run or want to start running but are not sure what route to start on?

Then you're in luck, as London's most picturesque running route has recently been named and it will get you up and out of bed and in your trainers within moments.

While London is no doubt home to endless running routes, it can get a bit tedious running along busy roads or spots that were once quiet and have since become go-to spots for tourists. 

But, a recent list created by the Metro has shared the most picturesque running routes in the UK and one London park made the list.

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The London running route named the most picturesque

The south London location of Dulwich Park was lucky enough to be named on the list by the Metro, describing it as an "accessible course" that is "suitable for just about anyone."

The running route is larger on smooth tarmac with the park having a clear path all around, making it perfect for wheelchair users or those pushing prams, however, there are large grass areas for those who prefer grass.

Along the route, you'll be able to enjoy views of nature with plants like large trees and flower beds and birds including rose-ringer parakeets.

If you're up for a run around Dulwich Park and want to put yourself to the test, then you can follow the course set out by Vitality.

Every Saturday at 9am, organisers set out a 'free, fun, and friendly' weekly 5k run welcome to all whether running, jogging or walking.

The run is free to take part but you do need to first register before coming along so the organiser can keep track of numbers, you can register here.


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The course in Dulwich Park by Vitality is entirely on tarmac but some sections may have mud, leaves and puddles after rain.

While the park run is organised, the paths are still shared with fellow park users so runners are asked to be cautious of others.

Following the run, every week runners in the Dulwich Park run meet up for a post-run coffee at  Colicci's Dulwich Clock cafe in the park, making it the perfect start to a weekend.