Northern Ballet's production of Romeo & Juliet at Sadler’s Wells is full of romance, tragedy and intense drama.

We all know this story, but seeing it performed as a ballet brought a unique and beautiful depth to the familiar tale.

The two feuding families were depicted with striking differences, making it clear that they are opposites yet intertwined, and the costumes were absolutely breathtaking.

One of the most memorable moments was a special rain effect at the end of the second act. It was so stunning that it left the audience in awe and excited for the finale.

The visual impact was extraordinary and added a dramatic touch to the performance.

The characters' emotions were powerfully conveyed.

There's a part where Mercutio dies (Don’t say this is a spoiler it was written in the 1500s)—a moment I knew was coming—but I still wished he wouldn't because his performance was so captivating.

His presence on stage was magnetic and hilarious, making it hard to see him go.

Juliet’s performance was equally moving and her dance expressed profound emotions and her technique was flawless.

The realistic fight scenes and swordplay added excitement and authenticity. Seeing it performed with stunning sets and costumes, designed by Lez Brotherston OBE, made the whole experience even more special.

For anyone new to ballet, this production of Romeo & Juliet is a perfect starting point.

The story is well-known, and the lack of spoken dialogue didn’t hinder the understanding of the plot at all as they manage to tell the tale through the dance and the drama.

The dancers communicated the story clearly and emotionally, with even a few moments of humour woven in.

The revival of this ballet by Northern Ballet is especially touching because they had to overcome the challenge of rebuilding after their original sets and costumes were damaged in floods.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew, they have restored the production beautifully.

The live music by Northern Ballet Sinfonia added richness to the performance, making it a feast for both the eyes and ears.

This version of Romeo & Juliet, brought to life by Christopher Gable CBE and Massimo Moricone, has been beloved by many, and it’s easy to see why.

Watching Northern Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet felt like experiencing this iconic love story for the first time.

The combination of the beautiful sets, exquisite costumes, and powerful performances made it an evening to remember.

I was completely captivated by the entire production - it truly highlights the tragic beauty of Romeo & Juliet and delivers a magical, emotional experience.

Romeo & Juliet by Northern Ballet is being performed at Sadler Wells theatre until June 1 but will later be on tour.