It's official. London has been named the second-best city in the world according to experts.

Coming runner-up to the USA spot of New York City, a recent study by Oxford Economics sought to discover the top 10 cities in the world with the Global Cities Index. 

The study was conducted to find out what "truly defines the success of a city" by looking at five categories: Economics, Human Capital, Quality of Life, Environment and Governance.

The top ten cities, including London, all were found to provide important economic contributions to the global economy, be a hub for education and provide a high quality of life to name a few. 

See the full report via the Oxford Economics website

Newham Recorder: London was beating out by New York.London was beating out by New York. (Image: Getty)

London named the second-best city in the world 

Despite losing the top spot to New York, Oxford Economics shared that both cities performed best in the Economics and Human Capital categories. 

The British capital and USA hotspot both have large roles as global hubs for finance, business and education.

But, the winning factor for New York was its transport system, as its metro economy is the largest in the world, while London is the fourth largest. 

However, London and New York are home to most universities and corporate headquarters offices helping show their global relevance in the education and business world.

Elsewhere on the list was San Jose in the USA, Tokyo in Japan and Paris in France. 

All three gained the top Economic scores with San Jose offering the highest level of GDP per capita and Tokyo having the second-largest economy in the world.


London is no longer the most popular city in the UK

Elsewhere on the list, Australia's Melbourne and Switzerland's Zurich were named both with high scores in Economics.

However, the two cities gained better scores in different categories, with Melbourne scoring well on its Environment score thanks to its air quality and low carbon emission score.

Whilst Zurich had the best Quality of Life score compared to any other spot in the top ten.